LeBron James to be Honored at Harlem’s Fashion Row’s Style Awards

Nike tech knit LeBron James

LeBron James has always looked stylish both on and off the court. The King of the NBA is regal in many ways and his excellent fashion choices are a testament to that. Now he is teaming up with Nike for the Harlem Fashion Row’s Style Awards, where he will be honoured along with Dapper Dan, Bethann Hardison and Jason Rembert.

The Nike sponsored event takes places on September 4 and LeBron James will be co-hosting the proceedings. The dress code is ‘Black tie and Nikes’ which says everything that you need to know about the exclusive event – the perfect connection between ultra style and sport.

LeBron James adds flair to LA

LeBron moved to the LA Lakers recently and the move is perceived as a huge surprise by many. This is down to the Lakers lacking in success for some years now. James is expected to be adding some flair to his new team, both on and off the court.

The move to LA was partly due to family reasons but it is thought that being in LA would also be better for James in terms of opportunities in the entertainment industry. Living and playing in LA should give James more TV work options and other types of commercial opportunities that he didn’t have in Cleveland.

The new NBA season awaits

The coming NBA season will be an interesting one, as fans will get to see James in a Lakers jersey but whether James can make a big difference to the team alone is another question. The project for Lakers is considered to be more of a long-term idea than one that will result in overnight success. One thing is for sure – James will be attracting a lot of media attention to his new team.


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