Wenger:”I want to win the Premier League before you get me here”.

Wenger:"I want to win the Premier League before you get me here".

Arsenal has gone up the road in the Premier League after a blatantly poor start of the season. The Gunners earned thirteen points in their last six league games and so for the time being they are in fifth place in England. Despite this, the backlog on the frontrunner Manchester City is nine more points, but Arsène Wenger hopes that his team will still be able to play a significant role in the title race.

Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal since 1996 and became the last national champion of the London club thirteen years ago. I have always been hungry, but I am hungry now more hungry than ever because expectations are higher and because I have not won the Premier League for a while. I want to win the Premier League before you get me here,” says the French manager in conversation with The Guardian,”I always have to prove something. If we were now to play four to four now, then you will see that I will try to win. We can also play one against one if you want.

Wenger celebrated his 68th birthday last week, but the Frenchman is still a long way from thinking about his pension. His contract with Arsenal continues until mid-2019,”You can go two ways: you can ignore your age and live as if you had eternal life, or you think’ okay, I was born to compete’,”he continues,”I don’t know what happened to me and why, but it’s just like that. My wish is to be competitive, it is a necessity. No financial necessity, if that were the case, I would not be sitting here.

Do you see Arsène Wenger still being the manager of Arsenal after 2019?