They never get expensive defenders, why didn’t he go for Van Dijk?

They never get expensive defenders, why didn't he go for Van Dijk?

Last month, Arsenal drew the wallet for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, while in exchange with Alexis Sánchez, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was also added to the selection. However, these newcomers couldn’t prevent them but Tottenham Hotspur was too strong for the arch rival last Saturday and club icon Thierry Henry thinks that the pain for the Gunners is somewhere else in the team.

It seems that people always say that Arsène Wenger does not want to spend large sums of money. He will always think that some players are not worth the price being asked. But it is a new era, if you want to have a good player, you have to put at least a sum of between 65 million and 80 million euros on the table, whatever your position. I think he finds that very difficult,”explains Henry at Sky Sports.

He does that for a striker or a creative player, but with a defender he probably thinks:”That’s a lot, of course we are speculating, but it’s weird and difficult to point out. In some matches, they show that they can do the right thing,”Henry is acclaimed by Jamie Carragher, who points to the transfer of Virgil from Dijk to Liverpool.

I heard Wenger say that he could not afford Jonny Evans, but he did have the money for spikes of 56 million. It’s not about whether they have the money for it, he just doesn’t see it. I think he has never spent a lot of money on a defender. Why did he not go for Van Dijk? Liverpool has the same problems, but Jürgen Klopp tries to repair it with Van Dijk.

Do you think Arsenal has strengthened the selection in the right positions?