Question marks on top purchase Arsenal:’ He is no better than Giroud’.

Question marks on top purchase Arsenal:' He is no better than Giroud'.

Last summer, Arsenal paid a record amount for Alexandre Lacazette by transferring 53 million euros to Olympique Lyon.The French striker has scored four times for the Gunners in seven performances, but Aleksandr Hleb, former attacking midfielder of the Londoners, finds Lacazette no better than Olivier Giroud, who this season has to make do with raids.

“The football game is currently an insane world.The transfer market is incredible, so much money is now spent on it.Arsenal wanted to make more purchases, but faces competition from Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, for example,”notes the 36-year-old Hleb, who is currently clubless, talking to The Independent.

“The purchases they have made are good, like Lacazette, but I can’t say that I think it’s a fantastic asset,”continues the routiner,”I’m a fan of Giroud and I don’t think Lacazette is better, they are at the same level,” Giroud has participated six times this season as an invader in a Premier League match, and only found it in the opening match against Leicester City (4).

Is Alexandre Lacazette better than Olivier Giroud?