Morata:”I did not have a good relationship with my teammates there”, says Morata

Morata:"I did not have a good relationship with my teammates there", says Morata

Álvaro Morata has been a player of Chelsea since last summer, after the ruling national champion decided to transfer 66 million euros to Real Madrid. The rush hour of the Blues, apart from two years at Juventus, had been playing football all his life in Spain and says that he had experienced many setbacks, even when he played at Atlético Madrid in childhood.

But at one point I didn’t enjoy the game anymore, also because I didn’t play much. I didn’t have a good relationship with my teammates there, except for Koke and a few others “.

I wanted to play at Atlético, but I didn’t have any fun there. It is essential to have fun in the youth. I sometimes thought: I’m just not good enough. I saw many players who were better than me, but they were too obsessive. And sometimes they didn’t have a family like mine behind them,”says Morata, who worked at Real with José Mourinho, among others.

The Portuguese rehearser warned his pupil that he should do more work:”He tried to treat the players from his own cultivation well. For example, José gave me my first major contract in Madrid. Shortly afterwards he called me after a bad training session and said:”If you do it well, you don’t have to work much in your life. But now you have to choose how far you want to get, so work hard.

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