Klopp:”Because we are live on TV, I don’t walk out of the room after this question.

Klopp:"Because we are live on TV, I don't walk out of the room after this question.

Jürgen Klopp led Borussia Dortmund to the final of the Champions League in 2013 and would like to be in the final battle of the billions. However, Liverpool’s rehearser thinks it is far too early to be busy with this: when he was asked for a final spot during the press conference on Tuesday evening, he did not appreciate that.

At the press conference, Klopp was asked whether Liverpool could repeat the 2005 piece of art when the Reds won the trophy for the last time,”I don’t think that the 2005 team was already working on the final victory at this stage. If that were the case, I would be very surprised. Maybe I should ask Rafael Benítez for an answer. But it doesn’t make any sense to be busy with it now. If we reach the final, we will, of course, try to win it. But that is still a long way off,” the German said.

“I hate talking about another round when you first have to play another round,” he continued. Klopp said with a big smile that he didn’t really want to stay in the press room after that question,”I answered this question just because I am a friendly person. When I get such a question in the private sphere, I usually walk away immediately. I don’t do that now because we are live on TV.

Furthermore, the rehearser said he had’ tremendous respect’ for FC Porto, the opponent of Wednesday. In his opinion, the Portuguese have a mix of good football, fighting spirit, experience and youth,”I greatly appreciate that. On the other hand, they have not played this season twenty times against a team of our level. We are not a bad team and we know that. We also want to show that to the outside world. Tomorrow and in two weeks’ time, we will see how things will end. It gets exciting, but that’s fine.

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