Arsenal must win the Europa League, that is the only route back to the CL’s CL’.

Arsenal must win the Europa League, that is the only route back to the CL's CL'.

Arsenal was missing this season for the first time in the Champions League for a long time. The Gunners’ fourth position, which at the end of the season gives the right to participate in the billions of points, is currently eight points. According to Ian Wright, Arsenal can only qualify for the Champions League via the Europa League.

They have to win the Europa League, which is the only route back to the Champions League. However, it will be a hellish job to reach the final, because there are still many good clubs in the tournament. But through the competition, it seems impossible to get another place for the Champions League. The defeat against Tottenham Hotspur has put an end to that hope,” Wright writes in his column in The Sun.

It would be a great achievement if they managed to close this gap, with a smaller goal difference “, continues the former attacker,” Since they also continue to make defensive mistakes, it seems impossible to me that the Arsenal will still succeed. It seems as if they do not learn or improve, and that is very frustrating. The fans were again enthusiastic about the arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, but they still make the same mistakes “.

Next week, Arsenal will face the Swedish Östersunds in the Europe League next week,”I think they will save that. A good series would really help Wenger, it would give the club a boost. But this Arsenal is already struggling with Swansea City, let alone when they meet in the Europa League Napoli, Borussia Dortmund or Atlético Madrid. I understand the unrest among the supporters. It is said that it no longer matters to me, I am waiting for change. And I regret that.

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