Zidane:’ Ronaldo won five times the Ballon d’ Or, I’m not going to compare them now.

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Zidane:' Ronaldo won five times the Ballon d' Or, I'm not going to compare them now.

Real Madrid receives Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday for the first meeting of their diptych in the eighth finals of the Champions League and there is a lot at stake for both clubs. The billionsball seems to be the only prize the Royal is still for in the race, while the high gentlemen at PSG demand European success after the dominance in the Ligue 1. However, Zinédine Zidane does not feel that his job is at stake.

We don’t feel any extra pressure, we live for this. This is what the players live for. The fans want to see a great match. I don’t think about my own future, I concentrate on this contest. I’m focused on the fact that we’re going to do well,”he explains in a press statement,” This is not a final. We must play football well. If we succeed with the players we have, we will have a good chance to continue.

Zidane must find an answer to Neymar’s game and the Frenchman did not want to hint at whether he intends to sacrifice a defender to the Brazilian:”I don’t think I have to tell that. We will see it tomorrow:”The star of les Parisiens is regularly compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, but Zidane did not want to work on it:” Ronaldo has won the Ballon d’ Or five times and I am not going to compare them right now “.

Everything Neymar does on the field is of high quality and he can make a difference. They are two great players, but it’s Real Madrid against PSG and not Neymar against Ronaldo,”Zidane, who kept himself on the surface about the reason why Gareth Bale hasn’t made the ninety-full since his running-in, let’s say:” There’s no concrete reason for that. It is normal for attackers to be changed towards the end of matches.

Do you think that Zinédine Zidane will be dismissed if Real Madrid is eliminated by PSG?

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