You are not there two final tournaments, which culture should you guard?

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You are not there two final tournaments, which culture should you guard?

In the search for a new federal coach, it is regularly called that the KNVB must attract a foreign trainer. Peter Hyballa is not in favour of this and thinks that in the Netherlands one should take an example to Germany:”If you want to stick to 4-3-3-3, you shouldn’t get a foreign trainer,” says Hyballa at Studio Football.

In 2004, we in Germany started to change everything with Jürgen Klinsmann. He was also German, but with American ideas,”concludes the German rehearser, who worked at NEC last season,” Klinsmann was finished by the media, but he did change something. Germany became the world champion in 2014 with what Klinsmann started to change in 2004.

Joachim Löw hadn’t heard anyone at that time either. He degraded from the 3. Bundesliga. Now the whole world knows him. Such a process must now be set up in the Netherlands. Then it may happen that you also miss the next EK or World Cup, but it’s about the future and the vision “, Hyballa continues. Maybe the Netherlands doesn’t get the EK back on its feet again, but what matters now is what happens to the youth teams.

You have so many good talents, really! But the intensity must increase. A foreigner or not, if you just take someone who changes things,”says the trainee master, who thinks a so-called culture guard is nonsense,” I hate the word culture guard. You are not there now two final tournaments. Which culture do you have to guard? There needs to be a change.

Do you agree with Peter Hyballa-san?

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