Woman Without Ovaries Is Raising Serious Questions At The Olympics

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Woman Without Ovaries Is Raising Serious Questions At The Olympics

In Olympics, athletes are measured by their performance, nothing else is important.  In the last week, women will compete in a different run and cover 800m; Semenya’s game impressed everyone. This person from South Africa is the topic of debate and her hormonal condition is somewhat strange. Doctors analyzed it and described hyperandrogenism, this makes matters extremely confusing. Critics have attacked her viciously and instructed organizers to put a ban on her. It is way too late to discuss these things; the qualification rounds have already taken place. In spite of being a female, male hormones are secreted by her glands.

Woman Without Ovaries Is Raising Serious Questions At The OlympicsNormal women don’t have testosterone, they produce estrogen.  These peculiar hormones have given her enormous strength, she is outclassing others. This unfair condition is putting others at a disadvantage and this simply can’t happen. The chromosomal abnormality was spotted early in her childhood, she still continued her practice. Her coaches knew this problem can arise; they made excuses to avoid it totally. The testes are present internally and this proves the lack of female ovaries. In 2009, Caster proved her worth and achieved success. The spotlight was on her and some mysterious areas were investigated. The reviewing will continue, but the tournament can’t stop for that.

Woman Without Ovaries Is Raising Serious Questions At The OlympicsThe treatment deeply saddened her, some methods were humiliating. Physicians scrutinized her private parts with a sense of disbelief.  This affected her mind and in 2012, the performance dropped massively. She failed to touch her personal best, trainers were disappointed. She complained to various authorities and feminists supported her points. The regulations were withdrawn and she saw sunshine again. The evidences were strong, but they were not sufficient. She will always carry an advantage in 2016, as artificial chemicals will not be injected. The word “cheating” dampens her mood, she wants a permanent solution. Her lifestyle is not different, the abnormalities are not intentional.

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