Whether it is suitable for the KNVB?

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Whether it is suitable for the KNVB?

Due to the departure of Dick Ad Advocate and Hans van Breukelen, the KNVB had to look for a new federal coach and technical director who now seems to have found them in Ronald Koeman and Nico-Jan Hoogma. The latter has built up a good reputation as general manager at Heracles Almelo over the past ten years and Jan van Halst thinks that this choice could well come true.

In any case, it is a refreshing choice. Is it suitable for it? I find that difficult to answer because the functions at Heracles and the KNVB vary greatly,”says the manager of FC Twente in conversation with the NOS. Van Halst at any rate disagrees with the criticism that Hoogma was not aware of international developments:”They didn’t want him to have him for nothing at HSV”.

With Brahim Darri’s removal from the selection process, Hoogma recently showed that he did not shy away from making hard decisions, and Van Halst did see similarities between the way Hoogma operated as a football player and now acts as a director:”He himself has always made the most of his possibilities. As a player and director of Heracles. He demands the same of his surroundings: the maximum.

Henk Kesler, former board member of FC Twente and director of professional football at the KNVB, agrees that Hoogma is a good choice, although he does question the position of technical director:”When I was director of the KNVB, I found a technical director superfluous. And now, in fact, still. Perhaps that progressive insight and the work of Nico-Jan will change my mind.

Do you think Nico-Jan Hoogma would be the right choice?

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