When Kramer comes to play with us, he also has to drink a beer’.

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When Kramer comes to play with us, he also has to drink a beer'.

On Thursday BN DeStem reported that Michiel Kramer was in the spotlight of NAC Breda and Stijn Vreven was confronted with this on Friday at the press conference. The trainer of De Parel van het Zuiden reacted playfully.

If he wants to come and play football at NAC, he has to drink a beer at that roll of croquette. Otherwise it is not an option “, the Belgian joked. Kramer ate a sandwich at Wednesday evening during the calm of the cup competition against Heracles Almelo and was temporarily removed from Feyenoord’s selection. In addition, the rush hour may leave in January.

Do you really believe that such players can play on life and death for NAC to keep us in the league of honour? I do not know him personally and have never spoken with him. Let’s say that I have trouble with such actions.

I really don’t understand anything at all. What if Feyenoord had lost that match? At NAC I’ve never experienced anything like that before “, as Vreven is quoted by the Algemeen Dagblad. With NAC, Vreven takes up FC Utrecht himself next Saturday evening. After seventeen rounds of play, the Brabanders ranked thirteen points in sixteenth place.

Would NAC Breda be a suitable club for Michiel Kramer, do you think?

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