What did Ronaldo show then?

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What did Ronaldo show then?

Xavi considers that the wrong conclusions are drawn after Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory at Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday. The midfielder of Al-Sadd admired the way in which the Royal Netherlands managed to bring the competition to his own hands, but stressed that PSG also showed good things.

In an interview with So/Foot, Xavi explains how he experienced the competition. It surprised him that Real managed to turn a 0-1 backlog without playing too well,”It seemed like PSG could even reach 1-2. Real stood on the edge of the abyss, but came back in the game. You should never miss an opportunity against Real, because they can punish you mercilessly for that. They do not need much for that. A counter or corner can be enough for them to take control.

“At the end of the race you see the result and think: fuck, 3-1. How did they manage to achieve this? It is almost unjust that PSG has lost such a margin. How is it possible that Real wins with 3-1 when it should have been 1-1,2-2 or perhaps 1-2? The problem is that we are only looking at the scoreboard. When you win, you also look more beautiful. Zinédine Zidane was suddenly unable to reach the people who had constantly criticised him in recent weeks. Unai Emery is suddenly the bitten dog.

“We shouldn’t focus on the scoreboard like this”, teaches Xavi. According to him, it is much more important to analyse how both teams came out. For example, I’ve read many articles saying that Cristiano Ronaldo is still further away than Neymar. But no, that is unfair. What did Ronaldo show? He used a penalty and scored with his knee. But what about the dangerous situations that Neymar created? All the problems he has caused Real? The counters he set in motion?

Is Neymar currently better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

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