Wenger passes over the purchase of 53 million again:’ What signal does that give?

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Wenger passes over the purchase of 53 million again:' What signal does that give?

Alexandre Lacazette was last summer with a transfer sum of 53 million euros the major purchase of Arsenal and the Frenchman started the Premier League season with six goals energetically. However, the purchase of millions began earlier against Liverpool on the bank and had to watch how Alexis Sánchez preferred Manchester City on Sunday. Alan Shearer understands the thinking of Arsène Wenger to let out Lacazette, who scored pretty quick in the 3-1 lost game after he played it for about an hour, not really really.

He left him on Anfield out of the base and now again, against their rival. You spend 53 million on a rush hour and then think he’ll make a difference in the big games. He scored six times, more than twice as many as all the other players of Arsenal “, he started the old striker on the BBC,” He (Wenger, red.) now chose Sánchez, who doesn’t want to commit himself to the club. What kind of signal does that give to Lacazette and his teammates?

He has the right to knock on the door at Wenger’s door on Monday and ask,”Can’t you not let me me or so,””Shearer continues. The former English international gets the approval of Ian Wright:”I live with him, he only completed the ninety minutes once. He has to think,”What should I do to get a base place,” certainly when you see how badly Sánchez played? He can make something of a half chance. He played only 22 minutes in the rush hour and then Olivier Giroud came back. It must be extremely frustrating for him “.

Do you think Alexandre Lacazette should always be in the base at Arsenal?

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