Vitesse as’ perfect next step’:’ It doesn’t have to be my ceiling’.

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Vitesse as' perfect next step':' It doesn't have to be my ceiling'.

Bryan Linssen is at Vitesse working on a strong season and last Sunday was against Feyenoord (3-1 profit) the star on Arnhemse side. With two goals he made an important contribution to the victory over the reigning national champion. The former attacker of Heracles Almelo sees Vitesse as an intermediate step, because he thinks his ceiling is higher.

In conversation with Football International, Linssen indicates that during the matches with Vitesse in the Europa League, he noticed that he could be a step higher,”I thought it was great to show myself on that stage, scored in both matches against Lazio. Vitesse is another perfect next step for me.

But before Linssen wants to go one step higher up, he knows,”I have to be more emphatically present, I have to be even more effective. Stable too. For what I have shown this season, I give myself just enough. But Vitesse doesn’t have to be my ceiling. With my performance that’s pretty high for an outdoor player, and my drive, I’m attractive for many clubs,” Linssen so far came to eleven goals and four assists this season.

Linssen once hoped to be able to work for a club from abroad:”The top Dutch clubs are nowadays investing mainly in young talents from abroad, so I don’t care less about that”, it sounds like,”I’m only just working in Arnhem anyway. But one day I hope to play abroad again. Preferably in a big football country like England or Spain.

Bryan Linssen is good enough for a club from the traditional top three.

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