Van Gaal has to get in at’ incomprehensible’ KNVB:’ Who is thinking up such a thing’?

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Van Gaal has to get in at' incomprehensible' KNVB:' Who is thinking up such a thing'?

Erik ten Hag believes that Louis van Gaal is the right person to work as technical director at the KNVB. The trainer/technical manager of FC Utrecht says in conversation with Voetbal International that Van Gaal is open to the position, but that he must be given full freedom from the football association to put his own house in order.

“I think Louis van Gaal is the most appropriate td and that he still wants to do it, provided he gets carte blanche. He now also knows that he cannot change anything in the current situation. So give someone like this a free hand and change. Then I believe that Dutch football will soon be the leading player again,”says Ten Hag, who doesn’t want to have the job himself.

“But that does not detract from the fact that the development of Dutch football is a matter of concern to me,”says the coach, who says that the structure within the football association needs to change:”I have been head of training, have had to deal with the KNVB and then you don’t talk about short lines. Everything goes through committees, managers and frameworks. In soccer, development stops.

Ten Hag states that strange things are happening at the football association:”Now the KNVB has again thought up not to use referees in the youngest youths anymore”, according to the trainee master, who thinks it is ridiculous to think that there are no longer any positions in the youth so that people are not demotivated,”How will you ever get a winner mentality? Who is thinking up such a thing? We have moved on to the social aspect and thought that everything should remain fun and cosy. A problem: you don’t grow characters like that.

Louis van Gaal is the ideal technical director for the KNVB.

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