UFC 221: Romero stores Rockhold outside west

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UFC 221: Romero stores Rockhold outside west

Yoel Romero has booked a resounding victory at Luke Rockhold. In the main part of UFC 221, the Cuban ended the loaded battle in the third round by knockout.

Romero was aggressive from the start for his actions. He had Rockhold make the game at first, but had more upturns than usual. In doing so he made it difficult for the American, because at those moments he could do nothing but withdraw.

This turned out to be the recipe for victory. The Soldier of God also pulled forward several times in the second round and Rockhold, who had a great executioner on his forehead after the first round, did not handle the pressure well. So much so that he himself did little in the moments when Romero put little or no pressure on himself. This was also partly due to Romero’s defense.

After about twelve minutes it was over. When Romero came to the front, he flew Rockhold with an upper lefthand and needed another cataract to get the American outside the west.

Romero was too heavy on the weighting and was therefore not eligible for the interim UFC intermediate weight title. However, he can expect a rematch with champion Robert Whittaker, who would originally fight against Rockhold in the main part of this event.

Blaydes struggles along Hunt Curtis Blaydes books a victory that brings him high in the pecking order on heavyweight. With his wrestling skills he defeated Mark Hunt convincingly in Perth through a jury decision: 2x 29-27,1x 30-26.

In the first round Blaydes had trouble with the routiner. Hunt kept distance and wanted to tim Razor for his well-known hammer blows. Blaydes was allowed to make the game and seemed comfortable until he a counter of Hunt ate and settled down. The former K-1 champion timed it to perfection and then smoke blood, but Blaydes saved himself with a convincing takedown and held Hunt against the canvas until the first summer.

This was a foretaste of the last ten minutes in which Hunt was unable to cope with Blaydes’ wrestling skills. The Super Samoan weathered and got up several times, but Blaydes threw him back to the canvas immediately afterwards to do damage on top with ground-and-pound and elbows. After fifteen minutes it was no surprise that Blaydes was the winner.

Tuivasa leaves nothing very much from Asker Tai Tuivasa was quickly finished with Cyril Asker. The 24-year-old Australian booked the ninth victory of his career via knockout in just over two minutes.

From the beginning, Asker had nothing to do with the milk. The difference in strength and level on the feet was immense and Tuivasa went from the beginning avidly loose with hard blows and pressure. Asker did nothing more than collection.

It was not immediately clear what the blow of grace was, but when Asker was nailed to the cage, Tuivasa had almost free play to go loose. An elbow in the battle caused the Frenchman to fall with his face on the canvas and that was enough for referee Steve Perceval to stop the fight.

Matthews with a lot of difficulty past Jingliang Jake Matthews has booked his second victory in a row. The Celtic Kid won a hard-won victory against Li Jingliang through a jury decision: 2x 30-26 and 29-28.

Matthews had a dream start when he flew Jingliang in the first round with a left corner and then finished the first round on the Chinese’s back with lots of ground-and-pound. It wasn’t possible to finish it, but a 10-8 lap he had stuck in the inside pocket and with a wild start of the round afterwards Matthews seemed to have burned to win quickly.

With an early takedown he got Jingliang back on the ground for a guillotine choke, but in that process The Leech came up on top and had the appearance that the Chinese also defended himself by piercing fingers in Matthews’ eyes. After this The Celtic Kid was given an adrenaline dump and the fight continued, where the weather was almost equal. The bloody eye of Matthews after the second summer spoke volumes.

In the final round, Matthews brought in the fight. He flew Jingliang again with a hard right-wing punch and simply did more damage. He had problems when The Leech hit him on top of him, but Matthews got a good job.

Pedro made an impression against Safarov Tyson Pedro kicked off the main card and did so with fervour. In one lap, he defeated Saparbek Safarov through a sub-mission by Kimura.

Pedro was content with a standing fight while Safarov wanted to engage in a ground fight, strikingly enough. On every occasion he tried to score a takedown, but Pedro was difficult to get and keep on the canvas. As a result, the Australian made room for his wide arsenal of stairs, bumps and knees and in return he ate punches that Safarov threw on his way to takedown attempts.

The amusing fight was in just under four minutes when Safarov Pedro pushed the cage. Pedro countered with a standing Kimura, but that failed because he ended up in the lower cage. But he held on to the axholder clamp and didn’t give up by putting even more power behind it and getting on top of it in perfect position to finish it. After Pedro made his leg over Safarov’s head for even more strength, Safarov knocked off.

Full results: Main card: Luke Rockhold vs. Yoel Romero Romero Curtis Blaydes defeats Mark Hunt by unanimous jury decision (2x 29-27,1x 30-26) Tai Tuivasa defeats Cyril Asker via TKO, 2:18 in round 1 Jake Matthews defeats Li Jingliang by unanimous jury decision (2x 30-26,1x 29-28) Tyson Pedro defeat Saparbek Safar.

Prelims: Dong Hyun Kim beats Damien Brown via divided jury decision (2x 29-28,1x 28-29) Israel Adesanya beats Rob Wilkinson via TKO, 3:37 in round 2 Alexander Volkanovski beats Jeremy Kennedy via TKO, 4:57 in round 2 Jussier Formiga beat Ben Nguyen via submission (rear-nak)

Early preliminary: Ross Pearson defeated Mizuto Hirota by unanimous vote (2x 30-27,1x 29-28) José Alberto Quiñónez defeated Teruto Ishihara by unanimous vote (2x 29-28,1x 30-27) Luke Jumeau defeated Daichi Abe by unanimous vote (29-28,29-27,29-27).

Bonus awards: Fight of the Night: Jake Matthews vs. Li Jingliang Performance of the Night: Israel Adesanya & Jussier Formiga

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