UEFA made a request to Neymar to exclude Barça from CL football.

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UEFA made a request to Neymar to exclude Barça from CL football.

Neymar went from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain last summer after a few months’ transfer-soap for 222 million euros, but that was not the end of the stocking for the Brazilian.The Catalans had had had Neymars contract that the attacker’s father would receive a bonus of 26 million euros if he was still playing at the Camp Nou on 31 July and refused to pay this after his departure.

Neymar did indeed leave after that date, but Barça then pointed out additional conditions and refused to transfer the sum:”First, should the player not have negotiated with other clubs the month before 31 July.Secondly, the player had to show that he respected his contract with the club.Thirdly, we had agreed that we would not pay before 1 September, just after the deadline for the transfer window.Conditions have not been complied with, so the agreement is no longer valid “, the spokesman Joseph Vives summed up in August.

However, the Neymar camp has not let this be the case, as AS reports on Saturday that it has heard from reliable sources that the Brazilian has made a request to UEFA to exclude Barcelona from Champions League football if the club would not make the bonus available.However, the European Union did not recognise this and immediately informed Neymar that it would not consider its claim.

In addition to UEFA, FIFA is also involved, as the World Football Association announced in late August that it was investigating the’ loyalty bonus’ which Neymar and his father believe they are entitled to receive.However, it is not yet clear exactly what conclusion the Association reached.

Do you think that Neymar is entitled to the’ loyalty bonus’?

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