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The Game of NBA

This season is truly going to be remembered as one of the greatest seasons in the NBA history. We can be grateful that we are witnessing the extraordinary performances of Stephen Curry and his buddy in crime Klay Thompson, the aging but still going hard San Antonio Spurs, the development of some young superstars, and the farewell tour of Kobe Bryant.

The Game of NBAKobe Bryant, a player who has given soooo much to the game of basketball, is playing the last 6 weeks of his NBA career. It would be extremely hard to write down all the accomplishments of Kobe Bryant and memorable moments he has had with the LA Lakers, but the 112-95 win on Sunday against the defending champions Golden State Warriors (55-6) is surely going to count as one memorable moment Kobe has had with the Lakers.

The LA Lakers (13-51) have managed to slow down the Warriors on their way to beating the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record from 1995-1996 season, while at the same time recording one of the biggest regular season upsets in the NBA history. Going into the game, the Lakers were at .190 win percentage, compared to the Warriors who were at .917 win percentage.

The Game of NBAThere is no doubt that the Warriors are going to beat the Bulls record, but this game they simply had no chance to win. Personally, I am glad the Lakers won, just because Kobe has deserved to retire with some big victories in his last season. A win against the defending champions, and possibly the best NBA team the world has seen in a long time, is surely going to make Kobe happy, even though, while the whole Lakers bench was jumping of joy, Kobe was  creaming at his teammates, giving instructions on how to keep their focus for the entire game, just like a true leader does.

Coincidence or not, the history has repeated itself. Going into their 61st game of the 1995-1996 season (when they recorder 72 wins and only 10 losses) the Chicago Bulls lost against the Knicks. Fast forward 20 years, the Golden State Warriors, who are trying to beat the Chicago Bulls record, going into their 61st game of the 20015-2016 season, lost the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers-Warriors game highlights:


Words by: Admir Aljic

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