The Free annoyed by allegations:’ That’s really absolute nonsense’.

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The Free annoyed by allegations:' That's really absolute nonsense'.

Stefan de Vrij played for Lazio last weekend and scored on behalf of his employer in the winning competition with Sassuolo (6-1).However, the defender cannot be called to Orange in the run-up to the World Cup qualification competitions against Belarus and Sweden because of an injury.However, the Free speaks out against the fact that he does not want to come out in front of the Dutch team.

“I played 67 minutes, but that was certainly not pain-free.Every pass I gave hurt,”says De Vrij in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad.The mandekker still has a lot of trouble and doesn’t train with Lazio for the time being.That it has been suggested that De Vrij would have no motivation to play for Orange touches him:”That’s really absolute nonsense.I love to play for the Dutch team and everyone who knows me knows that.

“I understand that people are wondering what is going on.But suppose I would still have been called after that match against Sassuolo, then I would certainly not have been able to train with the group until Thursday.That is far from ideal”, continues De Vrij.At first, he kept quiet about the issue because he didn’t want to distract the attention of Orange,”but there are so many questions, a lot has been talked about now.Then I can explain better what it is like.

Ruud Gullit already informed Ziggo Sport that the KNVB had contacted the Italian club after the duel of Lazio with Sassuolo:”The doctor said:” We couldn’t miss him anyway, but we couldn’t catch him… Then we talked to the player and he said:”I was able to play, but I didn’t feel fit enough to play for the Dutch national team””, the assistant recalled.

Do you think Stefan de Vrij should have reported to Orange?

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