Tennis Fixing Allegation

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Over the past couple of years, tennis integrity unit (TIU) has repeatedly flagged off several players ranked amongst the top 50 tennis players due to the widespread allegation that they participated in match fixing. All of the players have been given permission to continue participating in grand slam titles with little or no explanation offered.

It was a tough day for tennis when the association of tennis professionals leaked an investigative list of players who are facing allegations that they threw away matches. Eight anonymous players competing in Australian open are said to be there.16 players residing in the top 50 have been flagged off by the anti-corruption body over the past ten years. The players are said to have been approached by organized gambling syndicates from Italy and Russia in their hotels where they were all offered in excess of 50000$ to fix a certain set or the whole match.

According to a recent damming report, the usually exhilarating Australian open has been accused of harbouring non trustworthy kind of matches involving top 50 tennis players; this has lead to a rather fevered atmosphere concerning the competition. The tournament allegations had been tipped off almost a month before it started. It is understood that several players including djokovic, federer and Nadal had been approached by media organizations concerning match fixing and betting in tennis.

Various gevourning bodies have condemned this widespread allegation and termed it as a crime in sport. On the eve of the tournament, the scorching heat and results were not the only things people talked about, issues of paid off tennis players were hot on people’s lips. various gevourning bodies have played down reports that they ignored or covered up the damming report. It is said that several paid off tennis players in the world acquire a record high amount of money per Annam in which some funds are not accounted for.

The elite crème de la crème of tennis lead by Nadal, djokovic and federer have all come out strongly condemning those accusations on their compatriots and them as non trustworthy and stressing that they do not condone such kind activities, they respect and love tennis a lot and would not take part in it as it’s a crime in sport. The tournament surely provided a tough day for tennis to all fraternities involved, more than 14 million dollars has been pumped into countering such activities, and still, such investigations exposes the frailties involved.

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