Strong criticism of Arsenal:’ This is a disgusting way of doing business’.

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Strong criticism of Arsenal:' This is a disgusting way of doing business'.

Ian Wright is unable to comment on the current situation of Arsenal. Alexis Sánchez and Mesut Özil both have an expiring contract and the chance of a winter transfer or a transfer-free retreat in the summer is particularly high. Wright doesn’t understand how his former employer was able to get it that far,”This is really terrible for a club accused of doing business. They allow two players of such calibre to approach the end of their contract.

Özil and Sánchez are allowed to talk to interested clubs from 1 January, so the rules of FIFA prescribe. This season, the German is one of the better players in Arsène Wenger’s team, but the attacker from Chile is underperforming,”A Sánchez in shape is a 115 million euro player, easy. A Özil in shape is a player of 75 to 85 million euros. That’s what Arsenal is now letting go of “, says Wright, who said,” This is a repugnant way of doing business.

“How are you going to sell this kind of player in January for thirty million euros? It’s like laughing at you,”says the former attacker,”Manchester City finds that amount somewhere in a car’s dashboard cabinet, so to speak. And then you get Sánchez for that amount? How could it have come so far? Why should you offer 65 million euros if you can collect a player for free in a few months’ time?

Wright would accept any bid for Sánchez anyway,”As he is playing now, I would indeed do so. He seems to have thrown the towel in the ring and not playing with his heart anymore,” That cannot be said of Özil, although Wright has his reservations about it,”Critics will say that he has the right form to take at the right time. He has an expiring contract and is on screen at other clubs. It is very lucrative for him if he’s sitting down on his contract, going somewhere to work where he thinks he can play in the Champions League and create more opportunities for prizes.

“It’s very difficult to enjoy a player you need and you know he’ll probably leave. He also shows what we had hoped for now and at a time when we know we can get rid of him,” Wright hopes that Özil will remain at least half a year,”he wants to take points per se, be part of the team. Sánchez does not make that impression. I would take any amount for him, he makes a totally uninterested impression.

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