So Sad! This Olympian Gave The Wrong Expression After Winning

By August 20, 2016 More Sports, More Sports News  Comments

Winning is always magical, but some people don’t think that way. Athletes are bursting in joy after clinching a medal and their emotions are heart-warming. When they return to their country, the citizens will worship them as heroes. One individual from North Korea surprised everyone this week, something troubled him constantly. North Korea tries really hard to raise their levels and only three people have captured the precious gold medal. Gewang is in that special list, but his emotions are saying a different story. The committee gave him different rewards, but the dejection was still there. Free countries are full of positive energy, gloomy nations suffocate Gewang. His bravery was tested, his family wanted it.

So Sad! This Olympian Gave The Wrong Expression After WinningPeople were watching him on their television screens and they pointed it out instantly. One picture reached Twitter and the enthusiastic users circulated it like anything. The pain just wanted an outlet; ‘Ri Se’ almost had tears in his dreamy eyes. The achievement gave him pride, but the external environment was not good. The viewers described it and we are sad to know about his problem. Korea is secretive, the country has peculiar rules. Ri’s freedom lasted for just a few days, he never wanted to return there. Other Olympians give their viewpoint, this surprised Gewang massively. He told people to stop thinking, it was ridiculous.

Gewang’s explanation was entirely different, his joy was actually present. The performance had memorable moments and he just concentrated on his abilities. The judge was stunned to see his determination. Kim never pressurized them, but poverty has totally destroyed the infrastructure. This victory will please his cold heart, but Ri’s condition will not improve. The smile didn’t come naturally; there are bigger things than winning. Like happiness, other emotions are also present, people choose at special occasions. Pride was suppressed and mysteriously fear became visible.

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