Seventeen-year-old talent leaves Ajax youth:’ Friends found me arrogant’.

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Seventeen-year-old talent leaves Ajax youth:' Friends found me arrogant'.

For many years Terence Meuwese was part of Ajax’s youth training programme and the talented goalkeeper seemed on his way to professional football. The seventeen-year-old closure post decided last summer, however, after sustained injury and a further distance from the football club, to abandon his dream.

Meuwese had to draw a line through the entire 2015/16 season due to a persistent injury and, after he had broken away, was injured for a third time to his groin:”It was the turning point at which I lost the fun in top sport”, he looks back into conversation with Ajax Showtime.

Meuwese did return below the bar, but despite a good first match, she did not manage to maintain his level:”I hadn’t played a match for two years. The fact that I was well received by the group only made it double. They were very happy that I was back, but I only thought:”what am I doing here”?

His education at Ajax also had an impact on his social life, says Meuwese:”My friends always said that when I played football, I was really arrogant towards the outside world. I didn’t need to have so much of the world outside football,”explains Meuwese, who only spoke to his friends at school and said he lived out in an’ Ajax bubble’:” As long as you football, you think Ajax and football is your life. But if you fall out, then you see that there are other things too.

Do you think that Terence Meuwese would have made it to Ajax 1 differently?

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