Rus muzzle nose in a 5000 ruble note:’ For I have a runny nose’.

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Rus muzzle nose in a 5000 ruble note:' For I have a runny nose'.

Stanislav Manaev has not made a good turn for many people. The midfielder of FK Tosno placed a video on his Instagram showing how he sniffed his nose in a five thousand ruble note (seventy-two euro). The photo paper reads:”I could give this note to poor people, but I don’t do that because I have a runny nose,” Manaev got a storm of criticism over him.

The nineteen-year-old midfielder decided to remove the video quickly, but other accounts and media had meanwhile been removed. Even the Russian Sports Minister, Pavel Kolobkov, commented on the issue:”This video proves that this individual athlete has few ways. As far as I know, he has already apologised and said that it was a joke. I’m sure he has learned his lesson,”I’m sure.

Indeed, in conversation with Sportbox, Manaev offered his apologies:”It was simple humour in a video and it was a fake note. If it were not a joke, it wouldn’t even have been fun. I just put it on Instagram and apparently others are looking for provocation or similar things. The Russian media suggested that the action was a reference to the fact that players from the first team are paid their salaries too late.

With us in the youth of Tosno we don’t even get paid, so there’s certainly no money to get rid of just like that. We come from ordinary families and some work alongside football, so this was nothing more or less than’ normal humour’. Maybe not everyone likes it because money isn’t a fun topic for everyone. But what can I do about this? Young people have a peculiar kind of humour. Not everyone understands that. I hope that people will understand that I am speaking the truth.

I also think it is repugnant and rude to simply waste money, but the world still has something like humour. But not everyone has the same taste, I understand that too “, says Manaev, who has yet to make his debut for the first team of Tosno. In service of the promises he reached one goal in fifteen official matches this season. The first of FK Tosno, a club 55 kilometres southeast of St. Petersburg, ranks in the Premjer League after twenty rounds of play with twenty points on the fourteenth place.

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