Robbed! Lochte’s Horrific Experience, Rio Shocked

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Robbed! Lochte’s Horrific Experience, Rio Shocked

We think this is gossip because CNN confirmed it. Peculiar things are happening in this city and this time, there is news about robbery. US swimmers came here to embarrass the opponents and they did exactly that. After touching the water, they swam at lightning fast speed. Gold in almost every department; gold is what they are feeding on. This was their moment of glory, but some evil minds worked here. Ryan Lochte idolized Phelps and always chased this man. When an athlete chases a legend, he/she becomes someone great. Small pieces came from time to time, no concrete news was obtained. On Sunday, robbers entered Rio and humiliated these athletes.

Robbed! Lochte’s Horrific Experience, Rio ShockedAfter doing the job perfectly, Ryan and some others took a cab to reach the village. The journey was smooth initially, but some policemen stopped their vehicle. They asked ridiculous questions and Lochte had no clue what was happening. He described the serious issue with TMZ and they will keep giving more updates. This is definitely some insider’s job, the person knew about their schedule. His gun looked dangerous, Lochte knew the best way to get out of this mess was submitting. This swimmer didn’t harm anyone; he just gave all his possessions. Lochte will get help from other cops, he can live peacefully.

There is yet another question here, the security is scaring people. Lochte met his friend Thiago, he had a different story. The attacker followed him from the club, he was definitely well-prepared. IOC’s understood the pressure and made a stupid statement, they denied everything.  Their action will demoralize many other athletes, their spirit will be destroyed. This false incident is like a black spot, nothing like this happened before. Brazil’s poverty is really showing up now. People want their basic rights, games are just wasting money. If jobs are absent, sports will get no visitors.

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