Reserves peak stays with PEC because of sick mother:”I want to make her proud”.

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Reserves peak stays with PEC because of sick mother:"I want to make her proud".

Piotr Parzyszek waived his departure from PEC Zwolle due to the situation of his mother. In conversation with the Stentor, the rush hour explains that he was told just before leaving for the training camp in Spain that his mother, who had already recovered from several tumours, was seriously ill again:”My mother has been fighting against this disease for nine years. That’s why you live with science and the fear that it may return.

Parzyszek says that his mother has been treated out,”If that happens, it’s terrible. It is very difficult, but you learn to deal with it. No matter how difficult it may be,” The Pole says that this is the next blow, as it doesn’t run smoothly in sports either,”This is an understatement. In the winter break I was told in conversation that the rush-hour position opens.

Nothing to the detriment of the other strikers, but they do not score much. Apparently, the staff think that they fit better in the system.

Despite the interest of De Graafschap and foreign club he chose to stay at PEC,”Pure for my mother. In the last months of her life I want to make her proud again by playing. If that is not possible in Zwolle, I should consider looking further. My mother knows that I am pretty powerless and that I have to play. She supports me in this, as she has always done.

Do you expect that in the future Piotr Parzyszek will make more playing minutes at PEC Zwolle?

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