Real’s players will be dismissed first, then only Zidane’ s’.

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Real's players will be dismissed first, then only Zidane' s'.

Real Madrid is currently in a dip and has not started the season too much. The Royal Dutchman is already looking at a ten-point backlog of Barcelona in LaLiga. For that reason, the criticism of trainer Zinédine Zidane is increasing, but Raymond Domenech does not think that Real Madrid will just take the Frenchman off the streets.

Even the biggest trainers sometimes have problems, then you have to rebuild. You can’t win everything every season and become a champion of Spain. It is difficult to live with it, but Zidane will have to do it. Zidane will get more credit, as a player he has achieved great successes with Real Madrid and does the same as a trainer. It takes a long time before the fans forget that,”says Domenech to Goal.

Real’s players will first be dismissed, then only Zidane “, the former Federal Coach of France continues his story,” Manchester United and Arsenal have shown that you can achieve success if you keep patience with a manager. People think that with money you can create the best team in Europe, but it is about time. It is a big problem that the media immediately start to question the trainer at a number of defeats.

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