PSV’ appears in Romania:’ I am really going to play male football here’.

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PSV' appears in Romania:' I am really going to play male football here'.

BOEKAREST – In Romania, a football club called Juventus Bucharest is playing in Romania. This team is not managed by the namesake from Turin and is also not a satellite club of the Italians. Yet the Romanians are called’ Juventus’ and have a logo that is suspiciously similar to the old emblem of la Vecchia Signora. Juventus felt that this was no longer possible, as Juventus said last December.

By Gijs Freriks

JuventusThe reigning champion of the A Series A series kindly but urgently asked the Romanian capital people to change their name and to change the logo,”If we don’t do so, they can sue us and claim compensation. We have asked to let the business rest and from next season we will change the name and logo. Probably we continue as FC Colentina,”said director of player policy Marin Barbu in an interview with ProX,” Colentina “refers to Juventus Colentina, as the association used to be called.

Where Juventus’s prize cupboard bulges and Massimiliano Allegri’s squadra has a good chance of winning the Scudetto for the sixth time in a row, the homonymous club from Romania is significantly less successful. The Juvetii won only one serious prize, and that was the championship in the second section, which was the first time in history in the league I this season. However, much needs to be done if Juventus does not want to degrade after just one season and return to the Romanian’ Jupiler League’. Juventus stands at the bottom with 10 points from 24 rounds of play.

In two rounds of play, the relegation pole starts where the eight lowest-ranked teams participate. Juventus has attracted fifteen players in the winter break, including Gökhan Kardes. The 20-year-old central defender of PSV completes the season on a rental basis at the bottom of the pack and an option to buy is also included in the contract. In the service of Jong PSV Kardes came to seven matches in the Jupiler League this season, with a total of 524 games minutes.

Why did you choose Juventus Bucharest?”The trainer of Juventus (Marius Baciu, ed.) wanted me to have. I want to make a lot of playing minutes at the first team and I really want to play male football here. I think I can develop well here. Football is more physical than PSV, while PSV is more’ football’. That is the biggest difference.

You talk about male football. Yes, I just wanted to play football in a first team and it didn’t really matter to me. I now play football with real men and that motivates more. The fact that Juventus is at the bottom of the list does not frighten me. They are indeed at the bottom, but that probably gives me a better chance to play. Of course, I will still have to prove myself on the training courses to play and compete to keep this club at the highest level.

Kardes was born in Beverlo and made his sixth switch from Turkish FC from Beringen to PSV. In August 2016, in the Jupiler League match against FC Den Bosch (5-4 winnings), the leftist went through all youth teams and made his debut in professional football. Kardes hadn’t expected him to get a contract last summer, yet technical manager Marcel Brands had him sign a commitment for one year with an option on a second season. Formally, his employment contract therefore expires this summer and after fifteen years Kardes’ time in Eindhoven could come to an end.

PSV is really my home. I’ve been playing there since my sixth year and I know everyone there. But if I looked at my future, it didn’t look good. I wouldn’t get the chance in the first team, I knew that myself. It was quite a difficult decision, but I still decided to take a step and I have no regrets about it. When I arrived here, I thought for a moment: I don’t know anyone and I don’t speak the language. Is this the right step to take? Is this the right country? I now feel at home here. Everyone is very sweet and everything is top arranged. I have also moved to my apartment, because in my first week I lived a hotel.

After five days, I really realised: I’m not here for a few days, but for five or six months. When I came home on my own, I had a hard time doing so, but during training sessions I don’t have any problems with it. I just had to get used to it,”Cardes was in Juventus’ competition selection for the first time last weekend, but did not take action against Gheorghe Hagi’s Viitorul (0-1 loss). He assumes that in future he will have enough opportunities to prove himself at both Juventus and PSV.

In the first seven weeks of the season I played almost everything at Jong PSV, but in the week after the match against AZ I got injured on the training and I was there until the winter break. I can make a lot of minutes now and maybe PSV will soon say:’ come back’. But before that happens, I have to show myself here first. I bale of course because I always wanted to play for PSV 1 and I didn’t succeed. But that does not mean that it will never happen again. I want to make many minutes so that PSV and everyone can see that. Phillip Cocu may soon say:’ come back, you get a chance’. I would very much like that to happen.

What did PSV actually say when you switched to Juventus,”Actually not that much. They thought it was good that I was convinced that I would develop better in a first team and they also thought it was good that I would play more. A few trainers, including Mark van Bommel, also said that it would be a good step if I could make many minutes at Juventus. And Van Bommel is a legend. If I do it right here, I may be able to make a step up from Juventus.

Have you ever had contact with Phillip Cocu,”I’ve never really had contact with him. After the match against NEC (3-3, GF), Cocu told the assistant of Jong PSV that he liked me playing. That’s how he was impressed by my passing. But that was it. Of course I had liked to have more contact with Cocu, the trainer of PSV and yet a big name. But that has not happened.

Do you think Gökhan Kardes will play in PSV 1 again?

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