Is This Proof That Usain Bolt Is A Member Of The Illuminati?

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Is This Proof That Usain Bolt Is A Member Of The Illuminati?

The doubts were there in everyone’s mind, but people were afraid to admit it. The man’s speed humiliated others, his secrets were unknown. The judges gave him every medal, he was still not pleased. Usain is a mysterious person; his natural ability pushed him to this level.  One organization controls his abilities and they have other famous members. From Kanye West to PewDiePie, every famous person is in touch with them. Bolt never wanted to join this dangerous association, but he wanted fame. The weird theory can make some people laugh, but some theorists have stated genuine reasons.

Is This Proof That Usain Bolt Is A Member Of The Illuminati?

The Jamaican sprinter was caught on camera showing off hand gestures associated with Freemasonry and Satanism at the Rio Olympics.
The signs could be dismissed as a meaningless coincidence.


Athletes are generally nervous before big competitions, Bolt was confident. He knew the result, Illuminati arranged everything. The cult promotes Satanism and Bolt proved it with his creepy gestures. The photographs showed a weird glow in his eyes, he was smiling at everything. The conspiracies became famous after some YouTube videos started coming. These experts often analyze television footage to find out illuminati symbols. Various users “disliked” their video; they were on Bolt’s side. Illuminati members show some special characteristics, Bolt followed those directives. Enthusiastic users criticized his gestures; they never expected Bolt to join the notorious cult.

The rituals started before the Olympics, his posters contained hidden messages. He always covered one of his dreamy eyes, the hidden eye awakened. Bolt’s powers came from this, he easily elevated himself. Illuminati instructed him to send these messages, Bolt obeyed instantly. America’s currency note also contains this; the signs are embedded in almost everything. In promotional videos, Bolt’s ring raised questions.  His fingers showed ‘666’, the devil is present within him. Everything is not baseless, people overlook these things. His nickname’s original meaning is “Lucifer”, no more explanations are needed. Bolt’s massive following impressed Illuminati; they chose him for a reason. Devil worship can be done in many ways, people believe their own story.

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