PL and Serie A do not follow the line:’ We are not going to be in the forefront’.

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PL and Serie A do not follow the line:' We are not going to be in the forefront'.

The summer transfer market in the Netherlands will continue to run until the last week of August. Among others, the Premier League and the A Series recently decided to close the player market for the first weekend of the new season, but the chances are small for the time being that the Eredivisie will follow this example, Jacco Swart tells us Tuesday.

“We think it is desirable that the end date should be harmonised at European level,”says the director of the Eredivisie CV in conversation with Voetbal International, when asked to do so,”and preferably as early as possible. But we do not need to bring forward that date after England and Italy as the third.

Swart emphasises that the Netherlands is an’ exporting country’, and that the technical directors of the various Eredivisie clubs are therefore not in favour of bringing forward the final day of the summer transfer period:”If all kinds of countries are still open, we will lose players, while clubs will not be able to replace them”, he continues.

Swart explains that countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Denmark, like the Netherlands,’ preferably wait as long as possible’,’ In order to have as much space as possible after the playoffs for Champions and Europa League. That is why I was surprised by the step of the Italians. Until recently, they always had that position. Only when Spain, Germany and France join us will you get a natural process and the markets will close sooner. As an exporting country, we follow suit, but we are not going to lead the way now.

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