Patient Kluivert:’ Have enough time to grow, and money is no reason’.

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Patient Kluivert:' Have enough time to grow, and money is no reason'.

Recently, there were reports that Ajax and Manchester United were to negotiate a transfer of Justin Kluivert. In conversation with Football International, the windvane attacker emphasizes that he knows nothing about a possible transfer. He is aware that he should wait for his development before going abroad.

Funny, but I know nothing more than everyone. It’s a nice rumour, foreign interest is never wrong, but more it’s not. In the end it is my goal, to reach the summit. But now my development counts “, says the attacker, this season so far was good for seven goals and four assists.” I still have enough time to grow, and money is no reason “.

That is something for later, not for now “, Kluivert continues, whose contract with Ajax will continue until mid-2019. He wants to take the step only when he sees enough perspective at his new club,”I saw boys go abroad in my youth. That sounded nice, but I didn’t think it was smart. This should not be done too early.

Do you think Justin Kluivert will be playing next season at Ajax?

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