Novak Djokovic Awaits A Hard Battle To Maintain The No.1 Spot!!!

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The latest news about Novak Djokovic state that the 12 time Grand Slam winner will NOT have to have a surgery on his right foot. Previously, it was reported that, due to the pain caused after his fingernails fall off during the US Open finals match against StanislasWawrinka, Djokovic was scheduled to go under the knife.

Novak Djokovic Awaits A Hard Battle To Maintain The No.1 Spot!!!

Even Novak Djokovic, right after the match said that he was playing through a lot of pain and that his fingernails fall of causing an infection and bleeding. It was probably the main reason why Novak lost his nerves and concentration in the decisive moments of the 2nd and 3rd set. During the match, Novak asked for the medical assistance twice, but it did not help as he lost in 4 sets with 7:6, 4:6, 5:7, 3:6.

Although he is questionable to play at the „Djokovic and Friends“ Charity event, which is scheduled for the September 21st and 22nd, Djokovic is, however, expected to play at the Masters 500 tournament in Peking on October 3rd.

After losing the US Open finals to Wawrinka, Novak Djokovic has lost many points causing his advantage over the 2nd ranked on the ATP list, Andy Murray, to decrease to „ONLY“ 4.555 points. Not too long ago, in March 2016, this advantage was nearly 8.000 points. Considering the huge decrease in the points advantage, many fans around the world have started debating if Novak Djokovic will be able to maintain his lead as the No. 1 on the ATP list, or will Andy Murray, somehow, manage to take over the throne!!!

Novak Djokovic Awaits A Hard Battle To Maintain The No.1 Spot!!!

The following days will decided if Djokovic will be able to participate at one of the 4 remaining Masters (Beijing, Shanghai, Paris and London), or will he go through recovery process that could cause him to lose the No. 1 spot of the ATP list.


1. (1) Novak Djokovic (Serbia) 14.040
2. (2) Andi Murray (GB) 9.485
3. (3) StanislasWawrinka (Switzerland) 6.260
4. (5) Rafael Nadal (Spain) 4.940
5. (7) Kei Nishikori (Japan) 4.875
6. (6) MilosRaonic (Canada) 4.760
7. (4) Roger Federer (Switzerland) 3.745
8. (12) Gael Monfils (France) 3.545
9. (8) TomasBerdych (Czech Republic) 3.390
10. (10) Dominic Thiem (Austria) 3.295


Words By: Admir Aljic

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