Not only Neymar, but also Mbappé…. PSG has destroyed the transfer market’.

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Not only Neymar, but also Mbappé.... PSG has destroyed the transfer market'.

Neymar is on track at Paris Saint-Germain.Although Brazilian attack partner Edinson Cavani is currently present, his qualities are highly appreciated in the French capital.Many people in the football industry found the amount of 222 million euros paid to unleash him at Barcelona shockingly high and Giovane Élber’s opinion was also given.

“There is not a single Bundesliga club that would say:’ yes, we are paying one hundred or two hundred million euros’.I don’t think a player is worth so much money,”said the former striker of Bayern Munich and VfB Stuttgart at DAZN.” Neymar is an excellent player, but I think that PSG has destroyed the entire transfer market by putting this amount on the table.

Not only does the record transfer of Neymar find the Brazilian repugnant, but also the amount that the French top club is going to pay to AS Monaco for the arrival of Kylian Mbappé is far too high, according to him.This season the youngster is hired by PSG, but next summer the club will be obliged to buy 180 million euros,”Not only Neymar, but also Mbappé…. Buying him too is unhealthy for football.If a player wants to leave a club, a contract has no value anymore.He tears the contract in half and leaves.

Do you agree with Giovane Élber?

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