Nijhuis and Blom’ disadvantageous’ for Ajax and Feyenoord:’ Do you see?

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Nijhuis and Blom' disadvantageous' for Ajax and Feyenoord:' Do you see?

A study published by De Telegraaf revealed that Bas Nijhuis is not a favourable referee for Ajax. In recent years, the Amsterdammers have achieved relatively fewer points under the leadership of the arbiter,”It has been so bad that I was awarded Ajax matches against lesser opponents and who were not even won”, Nijhuis laughs.

Nijhuis and his colleagues are currently meeting at the KNVB campus in Zeist for a three-day training internship. Although the referees emphasize duels of course do not consciously influence duels, there were plenty of jokes about the results of the investigation. For example, the appointment of Kevin Blom would be negative for Feyenoord.

I come exactly from an environment (Gouda, red.) where many people are Feyenoord-minded,”says Blom in front of De Telegraaf,”See you,”I was immediately told by them”, says Blom, who does have an explanation:”If you take the results of Feyenoord under my direction over my entire 15-year career, the relationships would have been closer to the average. In the beginning you often whistle the top clubs against the lesser opponents. Later you will get big and top ducks.

Ed Janssen, who has indicated that after this summer he will stop as a referee after fifteen years of professional football, emerged from the investigation as the most favorable referee for the traditional top clubs in the Netherlands,”That’s because I have more often whistled the duels against the little ones”, according to Janssen,”I like to bring that nuance. Ajax-Excelsior and so on. Then you don’t get out of step so quickly.

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