Neymar must therefore also step out of the shadow of Messi’s shadow’.

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Neymar must therefore also step out of the shadow of Messi's shadow'.

Last summer, Neymar made the much-discussed record transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain last summer and therefore decided, like Dani Alves, to sign in the French capital. The 34-year-old rightback says on FIFA’s website that his compatriot has to leave Barcelona, because otherwise he would never come from under the yoke of Messi.

“I think he is equivalent to Lionel Messi, both are the most influential player in global football. The point is: Neymar must therefore also step out of the shadow of Messi. To play together with someone as unique as Leo is the most unlikely thing that can happen to you, but there is always that doubt in your head whether it is actually your own person who has that quality, or whether it is Messi.

“I always loved to play with him, but he is Argentine and Neymar and I Brazilians. Sooner or later we had to take it against each other,”the routiner jokes,”I think you have a better chance of achieving individual performance when you’re not as close to a player like Messi. It was important for Neymar’s development, and also for Brazil, that he followed his own path.

The Brazilian indicates that winning the Champions League with PSG is still the dream:”That’s what we focus on. It is our main goal. That is what Neymar had in mind when he left Barcelona and what I had in mind when I left Juventus. That is what moves us, what gives us adrenaline. Brutalen have half the world. If you don’t show daring, you are always in the shade and that’s not where we want to be.

Do you expect Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions League this season?

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