Neymar missed at Barcelona:”I wish he were still with us”.

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Neymar missed at Barcelona:"I wish he were still with us".

Neymar is missed at Barcelona, says Ivan Rakitic in conversation with Marca. The Croatian international says that he would have liked to see the Brazilian attacker playing in the Camp Nou. Neymar had completed other plans and became the most expensive footballer of all time by transferring 222 million euros to Paris Saint-Germain.

After the departure of Neymar, Barcelona spent 105 million euros on the arrival of Ousmane Dembélé, while Philippe Coutinho attracted as much as 160 million euros this month,”I’m not going to lie against you,” says Rakitic,”I would like Neymar to be with us. He is not only a great footballer, he is also a friend and I am very much on him. He has left and we have gone further. Barcelona is more than one, two or five players. It is the world’s largest club and we must continue to work hard. It would have been better if we had been able to count on him, but he is no longer with us and we are doing everything we can to get even better.

Last season, Rakitic lost his base place under Luis Enrique and rumours about a departure got underway. Nevertheless, he signed a new contract until mid 2021. De Kroaat says he never thought about a departure, despite his reservation roll,”If I am a trainer, I hope that I don’t always have to explain everything. I’m not a player who always goes to the trainer or the club to ask how it goes. You don’t always have to understand everything. I didn’t understand it and started working even harder. At the end of the season I had fought myself back into the team.

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