Neymar goes to court to get thirty million euros from Barcelona.

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Neymar goes to court to get thirty million euros from Barcelona.

Neymar goes to court to get his loyalty bonus from Barcelona, El Mundo reports. The Brazilian and his father would receive an amount of 26 million euros if the attacker were still under contract with Barça on 31 July 2017. Not long after, he left for Paris Saint-Germain.

In the summer of 2016, Neymar extended his contract with Barcelona and this bonus was then included in the commitment. However, Barça claims that the Brazilian has violated the conditions for the loyalty bonus:”First, should the player not have negotiated with other clubs the month before 31 July. Secondly, the player had to show that he respected his contract with the club “, said a spokesman of Barcelona in August to Marca.

And thirdly, we had agreed that we would not pay before 1 September, just after the transfer window deadline “, Barcelona concluded that for these reasons, Barcelona decided not to transfer the amount to Neymar. The Brazilian attacker now hopes to receive the 26 million plus 4 million interest via the court. Last summer, FIFA launched an investigation into the dispute between Barcelona and Neymar.

Moreover, Barcelona still believes that it is entitled to millions of Neymar. The club wants the 8.5 million that the Brazilian received as bonus last year when he extended his contract until 2021 back and is also looking for an additional ten percent of the amount due to’ moral damage’.

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