Morata said of his return to Real:’ That was a huge disappointment’.

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Morata said of his return to Real:' That was a huge disappointment'.

Álvaro Morata played for Juventus for two years and felt at home in Italy. When Real Madrid decided in 2016 to activate the buy-back clause, rush hour returned to the Royal Dutch government. A huge disappointment for Morata, he says in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

There were contractual arrangements that I had to respect, but it was extremely disappointing. I was back to work. They treated me the same way as two years before I left for Italy. My years at Juventus were fantastic. I was a boy when I entered and a real footballer when I left. For a Spaniard, Italy is the best place to live. You have everything there. I would never have left Italy and Juventus “, says Morata, who exchanged Real Madrid for Chelsea last summer.

I wanted to play under a trainer like Antonio Conte. There were a lot of things that knocked to this switch, starting with the trainer. I knew that I was well acquainted with Conte pas’s perception of the game “, continues the Spanish striker’s story:” Conte is demanding, wants to get the best out of his players. You can say that he knows what it is like to sit at a large club, because he has experienced it as a player and trainer.

Did you know that Álvaro Morata was disappointed when he had to return to Real Madrid?

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