Money Or Trophies? Ex‐Liverpool Boss Brendan Rodgers Tells Owners To Choose

By February 25, 2016 Football, Football News, Football Odds  Comments
Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool fans loved Brendan Rodgers and he gave them many moments to cherish. After he left the club in 2015, the club faced many ups and downs; they are currently 9th in the Premier league table. So what’s the problem that is troubling the club? Brendan Rodgers has a perfect answer for this; he believes that the club owners must focus on one goal. They should have a fixed aim and only then, the hugely prestigious club will get the success they want. It is true that owners have to focus on the financial aspects and monetary gains but Trophies matter too and that can’t be ignored. According to this Irishman, it’s time for the owners to concentrate on which model they want to adopt.

Brendan Rodgers

It is worth mentioning here that the ticket prices of the League games have gone significantly high and many supporters left the stadium, when the team was playing Sunderland. This is very unusual, as they have the most loyal supporters and this kind of protest almost never happens. Rodgers became their manager in 1st June, 2012 and was associated with the club for three long years. Then Jurgen Klopp took his position, who failed to make a strong impression. Brendan believes, Klopp is having a tough time adjusting with the transfer committee. Liverpool has a system, where they tend to sign players who are below 24 years of age and they don’t usually spend money on successful international players.

It is evident that the club authority is saving costs by investing on young players, but for a club to taste glory, established players need to be present in the line‐up. Though Rodgers said that personally he has no issues with this system, FSG should clarify their target and it can be beneficial for both the club’s future and the coaching staff. Clubs that want to win trophies, never back down from buying new players and for this they spend a handsome amount of money. Getting quality players boosts the chances of winning in major tournaments and this is what Liverpool has been lacking in the recent past.

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