Makkelie:’ In my opinion, the sanction imposed on me by the KNVB is unjustified’.

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Makkelie:' In my opinion, the sanction imposed on me by the KNVB is unjustified'.

Danny Makkelie reacted to De Telegraaf’s response to the report by the Stakeholder Association of Arbitrators Payed Football (BSBV) on his loan from his coach Jaap Uilenberg and the measures subsequently taken by the KNVB. The arbitrator quickly repaid the loan and does not see what the real problem is.

Uilenberg lent Makkelie a relatively large sum of money, which enabled the referee to buy his dream home. The KNVB got air from this and punished Makkelie. Uilenberg is no longer allowed to be his coach and the incident has been reported to UEFA:”I had the opportunity to buy a house that I had been looking for for a long time and where I could live with my parents”, says Makkeli.

Makkelie and his partner were sold their apartments in a short space of time,”I was offered the opportunity to use the period up to the notary and the release of the excess value for the renovation of our new home with a short bridge”, says Makkelie,”This was a business loan that came about between Jaap Uilenberg and myself. Of course, friendship and trust also played a major role in this. A relationship that we have built up alongside the coaching.

Makkelie is not aware of any evil:”This was a short-term loan that has already been repaid. I really wonder: what is the problem? I have absolutely not seen the seriousness shown. The sanction imposed on me by the KNVB for this bridging is, in my opinion, unjustified.

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