Lochte Targets Phelps! Swimmer Faces Bigger Problems, Teammates Silent

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Lochte Targets Phelps! Swimmer Faces Bigger Problems, Teammates Silent

We think this is gossip because TMZ contacted Ryan’s lawyer. The walls are closing in on Lochte, he desperately needs a way out. This incident has made USOC officials extremely angry, they want to punish Lochte. His teammates are protesting this move and they still support Ryan. The guy made USA proud several times, he deserves another chance.  The organization can’t annihilate him on this ground, his dreams will be shattered. Jeff Ostrow is handling this highly sensitive case; Ryan’s future depends on this man. He has submitted some documents to USOC, he believes in them.

Lochte Targets Phelps! Swimmer Faces Bigger Problems, Teammates SilentThe scenario can totally change if more evidences come out. Lochte’s crazy tale was ridiculous; the exaggeration was not needed at all. The police also didn’t tell the truth, the swimmers are somewhat innocent. The restroom in that gas station was vandalized; the police skipped the interrogation session. The heated exchange can be a “created” thing, as per USA Today. As the investigation continued, the footage from different cameras helped a lot. The American swimmers were missing from that clip, this certainly makes things interesting. The lies will come definitely come out; the culprit will get the necessary punishment.

Ostrow dragged Phelps into this and discussed about his punishment. He consumed alcohol and drove a vehicle, which is not acceptable at all. USOC ignored that because Michael brings plenty of medals. By harassing Phelps, Jeff can’t save Ryan. The two things are totally unrelated. Phelps got lucky as his car never killed anyone. He committed the same offence again; USOC banned him for just six months. Ryan can stay out of action for more than that, he did wrong things. The powerful organization always favoured Phelps, he never disappointed them. Jeff supported Ryan’s version and added some significant details. Lochte was nervous, when he confronted the cops. The trip didn’t feature any other controversial event.

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