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LeBron James, as expected, has used the player option in his contract and opted out of the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers to become a FREE AGENT this summer.

Everything seems to be playing out like he has expected. First he led his team to an unbelievable comeback in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, which brought the first NBA title in the history of the Franchise, after an amazing Game 5 and Game 6 performances in which he scored a total of 82 points, grabbed 24 rebounds and dished 18 dimes.

LEBRON JAMES Becomes A FREE AGENT !!!Now, that he has fulfilled his promise of bringing the NBA title to the city of Cleveland, LeBron has turned his focus to the Free agency and the upcoming years. After informing the Cavs of his plans to opt out of the final year of his contract, which would have brought him nearly $24 million, James is set to play out the Free Agency market big time…

According to the ESPN reports, the Finals MVP could go two routes. In first scenario, James could sign a 1-year deal with some other team and get paid $30.8 million, or, he could re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a 1-year deal which could bring him $27.5 million. "I love it here in Cleveland. I have no intentions of leaving,"

James told ESPN's Dave McMenamin during the Cavaliers' championship parade.  Should he go the other route, James would have to give up the $3.3 million extra that he would make by signing for another team. This is where it gets interesting.

Thanks to the Bird rights, James could stick around one more year with the Cavs, become a free agent in summer 2017, and then go for a 5-year max contract that would bring him over $200 million. This would make him the highest paid NBA player (per season) in the history of the NBA.

With the salary cap expected to significantly increase in the upcoming season, this scenario is more than realistic Seems like “The KING” knows how to handle things off the court as well.


Words By: Admir Aljic

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