Lazio blocks transfer De Vrij:’ Expect no problems in the locker room’.

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Lazio blocks transfer De Vrij:' Expect no problems in the locker room'.

Lazio does not intend to let Stefan de Vrij go this month. The defender has an expiring contract and is associated with major clubs such as Barcelona, Internazionale, AC Milan, Manchester United and Manchester City. Although January may be the last chance for Lazio to earn something from the defender, the club doesn’t want to say goodbye to him.

Sports director Igli Tare preaches’ patience’ in conversation with Mediaset, just before the competition at SPAL,”He has still not decided on a new contract, but I hope we will have clarity as soon as possible”, says Tare,”We have not given him a deadline. It’s about what he feels inside. I hope he decides to stay with Lazio.

If De Vrij stays with Lazio this month and does not renew his contract, he may sign elsewhere as of 1 February. Tare is prepared for all scenarios:”With or without De Vrij, Lazio will continue as well as possible”, emphasizes the policy maker:”I do not expect any problems in the locker room on this issue. The Free is an example trophy. As a club we have experienced such situations more often and we have grown through them.

“We have no intention to sell him this month. He is an important player, with whom we can achieve great things. If he doesn’t sign up, he still completes the season with Lazio”, concludes Tare. Earlier this week, Mundo Deportivod wrote that De Vrij has asked the interested Internazionale for patience. The Dutch national Orange could start working in the Giuseppe Meazza right away, but still dreams of Barcelona. He would hope that the Spaniards will take his work seriously.

Is Stefan de Vrij good at signing up with Lazio?

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