Last Chance For Rooney To Shine

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Last Chance For Rooney To Shine

2015-2016 was a season of huge disappointment for Wayne Rooney. A season which saw Robin Van Persie and Chicharito leaving the theater of dreams, the England International was expected to shine. However, Wayne Rooney had a very poor season, yet he made the cut for Roy Hodgson’s 23 man squad.

Last Chance For Rooney To ShineRooney ended the season with some decent performances but all in all; the Manchester United skipper would want to forget about the last campaign. No matter which system Roy takes us, one thing is for sure that Wayne Rooney will make into the starting line-up.

On his day, Wayne Rooney can be one of the best players on the pitch. It’s high time Wayne needs to step for his nation as the current England captain has flopped in previous two World Cups and Euros. England struggled against ten men Portugal in the friendlies, but Rooney fared comparatively better than his teammates.

There is no question that Roy Hodgson favors Rooney and looks onto him as the main man. Rooney was asked to talk to the squad and motivate them before the game. However, the three lions need more than just words; they need a captain to lead by example and take his team forward in the competition like Zidane used to do.

It is surely Rooney’s final chance to make a mark on the grand stage. Stats are in the captain’s favor, but Wane needs some good memories with his country to be remembered amongst the greats. Rooney has a point to prove to the nation that he is not one of those overrated players and can deliver when everyone is counting on him.

Last Chance For Rooney To ShineCristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been criticized for not performing according to their lofty standards on their International teams, but one can easily argue that on paper, England has had far better players than both Portugal and Argentina in the previous two or three decades.

No one is completely sure which system and formation the England coach would start with whether it will be a 4-4-2, a diamond or a 4-2-3-1. Hodgson will find a place for Rooney, may it be the central midfield, striker alongside Kane or the wings.

Journalists and pundits have criticized Rooney a lot this season, but the England captain is set to retain a spot in the starting line-up. Only this time, both the nation’s pride and his legacy is on the line, Cheers!

Words By: Hassan Shahid


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