Kramer is irritated:”You think that’s what you think, it was just a sandwich”.

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Kramer is irritated:"You think that's what you think, it was just a sandwich".

Michiel Kramer decided to commit himself for the rest of the season on Monday evening to Sparta Rotterdam, which is fighting for body retention. The contract of the rush hour at Feyenoord was cancelled last transfer period, partly because Kramer decided to eat a sandwich croquette in the peace and quiet of the cup with Heracles Almelo. Kramer says he wants to leave the incident behind him.

“I prefer not to look back to that period. Too much has been said and written about it. I am not going to say anything else about that. I am here now and want to focus on what is important and that’s keeping Sparta in the Eredivisie”, says the tree-long attacker in conversation with RTV Rijnmond. Kramer emphasizes that the dumbbelling of the sandwich was not intentionally done in front of the camera.

Feyenoord Rotterdam is in the quarterfinals, but did Michiel Kramer really eat what we all think?

“That is what everyone says, but it was not. If I had consciously done it, I would have done something other than eat a sandwich,”said Kramer, who reacts annoyed if the journalist in question finds that eating a bread roll of croquette is not done even at amateur level:”You think that’s what you do. But I think it’s just a sandwich, nothing more, nothing less.

“When I eat it indoors or the last piece outside, that’s not so relevant to me,” The striker acknowledges that he was sitting on the couch at Feyenoord with discontent,”that’s no secret at all. Everyone knows that. I have had trouble with that for a year and a half. But that (food croquette, etc.) had never been the choice:’ Okay, I show that I am sorry to everyone….’ That wasn’t it at all’.

Do you expect Sparta Rotterdam to degrade?

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