Kramer croquette croquette in rest falls amiss at Van Bronckhorst’s expense.

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Kramer croquette croquette in rest falls amiss at Van Bronckhorst's expense.

Michiel Kramer was spotted by FOX Sports in the tranquillity of the cup duck between Feyenoord and Heracles Almelo (3-1) with a seemingly croquette. Giovanni van Bronckhorst stated that after the event Giovanni van Bronckhorst had heard of the incident and strongly condemned it. Trainer and player will have a conversation about this on Friday.

“I just got it in the dressing room. I have heard it and we will discuss it with Michiel tomorrow. A bread roll of croquette is delicious every now and then….” The reporter followed this up and said:”But not during a match”. Ronald de Boer couldn’t believe his eyes in peace and quiet,”It’s 2-1, maybe you have to be the battering ram.

Kenneth Perez believes that Kramer was in any case lax, regardless of whether or not he invaded,”This is really undermining authority. Every club is busy eating healthy food, in order to get better and that doesn’t include a sandwich of croquette,”De Boer:” You also have an exemplary function,”Perez:” He is sorry, he does what he wants.

“He has just shouted at the leadership of Feyenoord”, according to De Boer,”You are number three. He thinks: what do I need to do? Dylan Vente took the spot of Nicolai Jörgensen on Thursday evening and filled the ninety minutes; Kramer did not come within the lines.

A stupid action by Michiel Kramer

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