KNVB reacts:’ The whistling of Bas is more often enlarged’.

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KNVB reacts:' The whistling of Bas is more often enlarged'.

The referees in the Eredivisie were the subject of discussion last weekend, in particular criticising the flutes of Serdar Gözübübüyük, Bas Nijhuis and Danny Makkelie. Former arbitrators Dick Jol and Mario van der Ende said that there was a need to change something within the referee corps and Dick van Egmond understands the criticism.

Bas Nijhuis must also whistle according to the rules in force “,”the referee coordinator of the KNVB in talks with Football International refers to the criticism that Nijhuis takes precedence over male football and does not intervene in minor violations,”he has the space to indicate his own turn. But if he doesn’t comply with the rules, we’re on the bell.

“His way of whistling is a subject of conversation with us, I am not going to deny that. There is a bandwidth that you can look up as a referee. We all know that Bas likes to use that space. We address him when he goes there,”says Van Egmond, who states that the main concern of the KNVB is that the differences between the referees are not too great.

Van Egmond fears’ copying behaviour’ among younger arbitrators and indicates that the KNVB must continue to indicate what the available space for a referee is,”I have no worries about the way in which he conducts his matches (Nijhuis, ed.), now it’s about Bas again because trainers and players of PSV and Sparta had an opinion about it. To be honest, I did not see much reason for it. The whistling of Bas is enlarged more often.

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