KNVB punishes Makkelie:’ There is no question of criminal acts’.

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KNVB punishes Makkelie:' There is no question of criminal acts'.

Referee Danny Makkelie was punished by the KNVB for taking out a loan from Jaap Uilenberg, his coach and UEFA referee member. Earlier this month, the Stakeholder’s Association of Arbitrators of Paid Football (BSBV) reported to Jan Bluyssen, the Competition Affairs Manager of the Dutch Football Association, about the rumour within the Referee Corps about the so-called’ Friendship Service’ of Uilenberg to Makkelie. By an awkward message from Makkelie to Hans Kraay jr. Last Friday, De Telegraaf received several tips on the loan from various referees about a mistake made by colleague Pol van Boekel.

There has been no question of criminal acts, but it goes without saying that the image of a dependency or preferential relationship in this highly undesirable “, says a spokesman of the KNVB in a response to the morning newspaper. BSBV chairman Peter van Dongen says that’ within the BSBV board, the signal was received that Uilenberg would have granted a loan of tens of thousands of euros to Danny Makkelie’. Rumour was not only known within the BSBV’s board of directors. Dutch referees and assistants made anonymous reference to Makkelie’s loan as well. They would have heard Makkelie himself about the loan.

De Telegraaf received more tips from fellow referees after last Friday’s (unintentionally) television broadcast by Makkelie van Boekel. Kraay jr. read a message from Makkelie during a broadcast of FOX Sports, where he pointed out that Van Boekel was at fault during the duel between NEC and Helmond Sport. Makkelie wrote that his name should not be mentioned, but that was too late. More tips came in and they all confirmed the story that Makkelie would have needed money in mid-2017 to finance his house. This was a farmhouse of 749,000 euro. The arbiter would have got into trouble with the transfer by a residual debt on his previous home. The loan he received from Uilenberg, the amounts mentioned ranged from 35,000 to 49,000 euros, he would have used for the establishment.

The rumour about the loan had been known to Van Dongen for a long time and he reported to the KNVB at the beginning of December,”Given the relationship between Uilenberg and Makkelie, it is an undesirable situation, which I believe goes beyond a simple private agreement. After all, Uilenberg’s seat on the European Referee Committee has an influence on the career, the programme and thus the income of Makkelie,”says Van Dongen,” Although you do something like this with the best intentions, you shouldn’t want to be in such a situation. Sooner or later people wonder about the extent to which there is still objective treatment.

It was not long before the KNVB issued a statement:”Research has shown that this was a risk-free, short-term (bridge loan) loan that was repaid within two months”, according to a spokesman,”The KNVB has set integrity high on the agenda and has both held both parties accountable for this. Disciplinary measures were taken towards Danny Makkelie. The KNVB immediately terminated the coaching relationship between Makkelie and Uilenberg and will tighten up the rules of conduct in this area. The event will be reported to UEFA’.

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