Jans’ s’ search engine’:’ Our relationship is now a bit cooler, so let’s just say’ our relationship is a bit cooler.

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Jans' s' search engine':' Our relationship is now a bit cooler, so let's just say' our relationship is a bit cooler.

Ron Jans returned to FC Groningen in the summer of last year. He did so not as a trainer, but as a technical manager. He had never before held this position and in his first season in his new role Jans acknowledges that he is sometimes still searching. He is regularly present in the dressing room of the selection and often appears just before the end of the competition. He was criticised for this, but according to Jans, it is not a joke and is even customary abroad.

“I admit that I’m quite a bit searching in this role, but if I’m not allowed to talk to the technical staff and the players, you’ll take away too much from me,”says Jans in an interview with Football International,”I’m someone who looks and informs a lot, but I’m trying to give the technical staff plenty of room to work as they want to. Everything I do goes in questioning form. Ernest Faber himself also said that I am welcome and that everything is open. Abroad, it is common for the technical director to be in the locker room. In Germany the td is even on the bank.

Groningen’s performance under the leadership of Faber is disappointing and Jans cannot deny that the relationship with the main trainer has been better,”I admit that after the last transfer window it is a bit more difficult. We have let a number of players go and only Deyovaisio Sieve Suckling has been hired back for that. After the departure of Oussama Idrissi we really did try to get a left outside. But it did not succeed. And we prefer not to make a decision rather than a bad one. Our relationship is a bit cooler now, so let’s do it.

Ernest Faber is the right trainer for FC Groningen.

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